The Copper Chef Advantage!

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Copper Chef review Waffles at Noon
Source: Waffles at Noon

James White, from Waffles at Noon, recently reviewed Copper Chef and he highlighted a number of advantages that come with the Copper Chef Pan.

White begins his Copper Chef review by explaining the Copper Chef Pan and our 60-Day money back guarantee.  He then specifically names some of the many advantages that come from using Copper Chef.

“Copper Chef does boast a few advantages over standard round frying pans,” says White. “The depth allows for flexibility and larger portions than round pans of a similar size….The depth also allows for steaming and frying, which is a nice feature.”

White then mentions the surface of the Copper Chef Pan saying “the nonstick coating is excellent.”

Finally, he explores the great value of the Copper Chef 5-piece system.  “[W]e found the fry basket and steam rack to provide a significant increase in value. Neither a fry basket nor a steam rack are particularly new inventions, but to have them customized to fit perfectly into your Copper Chef is a huge bonus.”

Read the full Copper Chef review from Waffles at Noon.

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