The Cinnamon Hollow’s Shepherd’s Pie in the Copper Chef Pan

Shepherd's Pie in Copper Chef
Photo Credit: Cinnamon Hollow

The Cinnamon Hollow’s Crystal Martin recently made Shepherd’s Pie (a family favorite) in her new Copper Chef Pan.

Crystal shares her recipe for Shepherd’s Pie on her blog, and it’s super easy to make with only a handful of ingredients. The best part – she uses mashed potatoes!

So what did she think of the Copper Chef? “I LOVE the pan I used. I can use it on any cooktop and it can go right into the oven and then to the table like with the Shepherd’s Pie recipe. It came with a steamer tray and fry basket too. So I can make fried chicken, french fries, onion rings, fried pickles, avocado fries, etc. or I can use the steamer tray to make healthy, steamed vegetables. With the Copper Chef pan you can Bake, fry, boil, sauté, steam and braise. I love it!”

Thanks for the review Crystal!  Read more about her experiences with Copper Chef and get her recipe for Shepherd’s Pie at The Cinnamon Hollow.

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