The Benefits of Copper Chef’s Non-Stick Technology

Copper Chef - Simply Healthy Family
Source: Simply Healthy Family

Gwen (from Simply Healthy Family) was curious whether our Copper Chef system – and its’ non-stick features – could help her to create meals that are healthier and involve less cleanup time.

She used her Copper Chef pan to create dishes such as: Salmon with Summer Zucchini & Lentils; Fajitas; and a One Pot Chicken Caprese Pasta and says “I’m all kinds of impressed!”

Among the features she loved about Copper Chef were:


  • Dual handles

“It made it much easier to lift my loaded pan from the stove to the table and out of the oven.”

  • Deep dish design

“At first glance it looked a bit small in surface area but it is PLENTY big enough for a large, one pot meal….”

  • Even heat distribution

“Everything cooked through at an even temperature, nothing burned and no cold spots.”

  • Versatility

Copper Chef is “perfect for sautéing or browning then adding rice, pasta etc and popping in the oven.”


Gwen also highlighted what she appreciated about the Copper Chef non-stick surface.  “I love that it’s a safer non-stick tech with no harsh chemical coatings,” she states.  “This is honestly the easiest pan to cook with and clean that I’ve ever owned, and I have a ton of them! I sautéed 4 chicken breasts with almost NO oil and they browned perfectly! The cooked pasta slid around the pan effortlessly when I added it to the pan as did the cooked lentils.”

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    The dual handle design look a bit odd but it’s quite usefull. Thanks!

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