Picky Chef Picks Copper Chef!

Braised Garlic Drumstick Copper Chef Pan
Source: Will Cook for Smiles

Lyuba (of Will Cook For Smiles) says she’s picky about the cooking pans she uses, at her home and even at her mother’s house.  She recently had a chance to check out our Copper Chef system and <spoiler alert!> she loved it!

The top criteria Lyuba’ says she seeks in any cookware she uses is that it is durable and has even heat distribution.  Copper Fit won her over on both accounts!  She goes on to mention that she loves how the Copper Chef Pan can go from stovetop to oven.

Her final reason for picking Copper Chef as new favorite?  It’s versatility!  The Copper Chef Pan is “able to also do frying and steaming all in the same pan,” she notes.  “Versatility is truly my favorite part of this pan.”

Read Lyuba’s full Copper Chef Pan review and check out her Braised Garlic Chicken Drumstick recipe

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