FSM Media reviews the Copper Chef 9.5” Square Pan

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Copper chef pan chicken
Photo credit: FSM Media

Dianna (a married mom of 2 boys, 3 cats, and one dog) is the power behind FSM Media. She recently tested the Copper Chef pan and shared her thoughts with her followers.

After testing chicken and pork chops (foods that tend to stick to the pan unless oil or some other fat is used), she found that they moved with ease and didn’t stick to the pan, even though she didn’t add any oils.

She also tested out steaming veggies (“It took about 20 minutes and they came out perfectly done and delicious.”), and then the ultimate test – the S ‘mores Cake from our Copper Chef recipe book.  “Well, let’s just say that it was amazing and so was the recipe, the boys loved it and I loved the clean-up.”

Read her full experiences and review of the Copper Chef Pan on FSM Media.

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