Copper Chef: Flavorful Food and Easy Cleanup!

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Copper Chef Review Daras Product Reviews
Source: Dara’s Product Review

Dara’s Product Reviews is a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing products so customers can explore information before they make a purchase.   In a recent video review, Dara considered our very own Copper Chef.

Her video begins with various shots of the Copper Chef 5-piece system, as well as some of the many features of the Copper Chef pan and even some tips on how to use Copper Chef properly.

Dara then shows her viewers how she used her Copper Chef pan to cook a chicken with mushrooms, onions, and sweet potatoes dish.   “The chicken was very moist,” Dara conveys.  “Everything was cooked evenly and full of flavor.”

After she discussed her perfectly prepared dish, she turned towards clean-up.  “It’s going to be an easy clean-up,” she accurately predicted.  “Look how that cleaned right up with just water!  Easy clean up!”

Dara goes on to show her viewers how to use the Copper Chef steam and roast rack to steam some asparagus.  Find out how they turned out in her full Copper Chef review.


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  1. Steph K.

    The easier a pan is to clean the more likely I will love it. Thanks for posting

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