Copper Chef: A Beautiful Vessel!

Copper Chef Pan Review - Bittersweeet
Source: Bittersweet

Hannah, from the website Bittersweet, recently wrote an article about our Copper Chef pan which she deemed a “beautiful vessel….”

“With or without a protective layer of oil, not a single thing stuck to the surface” she says about her Copper Chef Pan. “Cleanup afterward was a breeze.”

Hannah continues by discussing the versatility of the Copper Chef system saying:  “With capabilities that go far beyond a standard sauté or stir fry, the full set includes a brilliant square stand for steaming, as well as a perfectly fitted mesh basket to facilitate effortless frying….[T]hese pans can actually be used as fully functional baking dishes as well. That’s right- You can bake your brownies in the same saucepan that you prepared dinner in!”

Hannah concludes her Copper Chef review by discussing how Copper Chef would be especially perfect for individuals who have small kitchens.  She also provides her readers with images – and the recipe – for “One-Pan Baked Macaroni and Cheese.”

Why is it easy for her to prepare this dish in Copper Chef?  “[I]t seems absurd that it could have been so easy,” she reports.  “…No boiling or draining water, no transferring slippery noodles into a casserole dish, no whisking sauce separately with all burners firing.”

Read Hannah’s full Copper Chef review and be sure to review her recipe for One-Pan Baked Mac and Cheese.


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