Another Cook Declares Love for Copper Chef!

Copper Chef Review Life with Kathy
Source: Life with Kathy

Kathy says she always loved to cook and is always on the lookout for good kitchen cookware.  In a recent article on her website, Life with Kathy, this mother of two (and long-time blogger) discussed her new-found love for Copper Chef.

“I love being able to cook in this pan,” she declares.  “There are all kinds of ways you can use this to cook up something great. Since this pan has a cerami-tech non-stick technology, nothing will stick to the pan. You don’t even have to spray the pan!”

She decided to report how she used her Copper Chef pan to create a baked pepperoni with pasta dish and she provides her readers with images of the dish, along with her recipe.

“It turned out great once it was finished,” she declared.  “The pan was amazing…!”

Kathy also loved how easy is was to clean her Copper Chef pan.  “I was able to bake this dish without any worries of having things stick to the pan. It’s a very easy clean up after using it as well. All I mainly had to do was just rinse this pan with water and just about everything came right off. I couldn’t believe how simple a pan was to clean!”

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