Another Chef Amazed by the Copper Chef Pan!

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Stephy Sumner (from Steph’s Cheers and Jeers) says she loves being in the kitchen, understands quality cookware, and has experienced some disappointments along the way.  “I have SO many pots and pans,” she shares, “many of them I hate using because they don’t cook well and they are horrible to clean!”

Then Stephy meets our very own Copper Chef system and is “amazed” by the results.  “It makes cooking SO easy and clean up even easier,” she begins.  “The pan cooks more even and faster than my other pans.  I love that has so many uses and that I can put it in the oven.” 

She goes on to note how easy the Copper Chef Pan is to use and clean saying, “I have cooked eggs in it a few times and they slide right out! All I had to do was rinse it out with a little soap. This is my go-to pan now….”

“I might sound like I am exaggerating but this pan is seriously the most amazing pan ever,” she declares as she closes her Copper Chef review.  We’re glad we’ve amazed you Stephy!   Enjoy your Copper Chef Pan!

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